Meetinghouse Solutions℠ Services

Meetinghouse Solutions LLC provides educational opportunities and learning experiences including training and literature to individuals, organizations, and communities that increase safety, balance, and satisfaction in persons’ lives and the lives of people around them. Meetinghouse Solutions℠ presentations and training in real time (“live”) are conducted in-person or virtually via a remote conferencing platform (often Zoom). Several presentations recorded on video may be viewed “on-line” on this and other websites including YouTube.


Engage & Be Heard

People especially benefit when they engage in learning experiences, so Meetinghouse SolutionsSM presentations and training, whether their nominal format is a talk, seminar, workshop, or something else, strive to provide participants opportunities to be heard as well as to listen.  Training in motivational interviewing entails breakout groups and simulated interviews, so participants learn by doing.  Even presentations and training offered as recorded videos, where participant interaction is not possible, incorporate stories and images that activate much more of learners’ brains than a PowerPoint bullet (though we have those, too).

Photo by Paul Wainwright
Box Piews, Chestnut Hill Meeting House, Millville, MA, 2006

Photo by Paul Wainwright
Pews and Window, Gosport Chapel (1800), Star Island, New Hampshire, 2006


Working with Communities

While some Meetinghouse SolutionsSM presentations are geared to healthcare professionals and help meet their need for continuing education, many of those presentations and others provide the general public with tools, for example, to better understand and reduce harmful substance use and addiction.  Dr. Kane is also available to consult with organizations and communities planning events related to improving mental health and reducing harm from substance use.



Meetinghouse SolutionsTM publications are written with readers in mind.  For example, both The Two Pillars of Recovery® Workbook and Addiction Medicine Updates have been praised for readability, including for making scientific information accessible to readers with no background in science.  The Workbook’s plain language explanations of how addictive substances can affect persons’ brains and behavior without their knowledge or consent is enlightening not just for individuals new to recovery, but also for family members and workers in healthcare and other social services.

Photo by Paul Wainwright
Door, Chestnut Hill Meeting House (1769), Millville, Massachusetts, 2006

Photo by Paul Wainwright
Upstairs, Old Trinity Church (1771), Brooklyn, Connecticut, 2007



Meetinghouse Solutions podcasts are new, with the first episode released in January 2023.  This series of recorded conversations is titled “Beyond The Two Pillars of Recovery®” because, unlike The Two Pillars of Recovery®, which address the plight and healing of individuals with addiction/serious substance use disorders, the podcasts pay more attention to individuals in our communities who are at risk if they do not address less serious problems.



To explore having Geoff present or conduct a workshop at your event contact him by email at

Photo by Paul Wainwright
Old Trinity Church (1771), Brooklyn, Connecticut, 2007