Love. Serve. Laugh.


Make a difference in your life, organization, and community. Adopt and share practices that respect and empower everyone by drawing people together in conversation and collaboration. When combined, mindfulness, non-judgement, and accountability feed the individual and collective responsibility we need to curb pervasive problems such as despair, hunger, violence, and climate change.


Meetinghouse Solutions LLC provides learning experiences including training and literature to individuals, organizations, and communities that increase safety, balance, and satisfaction in persons’ lives and the lives of people around them.


Meetinghouse Solutions grew from the decades-long teaching, writing, and advocacy of Geoff Kane MD MPH to prevent and treat substance use disorders and promote positive ways of living—recovery and resilience—and recognizes that humans are more creative and effective when they respond to challenges together.  To paraphrase a Chinese proverb: “Behind an able person there are always other able people.”  Our collective human strength resides in our differences as well as our similarities.

As Speaker

Geoff tailors presentations and workshops to participants’ needs.

With plain language, stories, and images, Geoff conveys experience, wisdom, and science to the expert and the novice.

He helps people find their path to more mindful living and, when needed, away from addiction and harmful substance use.

He promotes conversations in communities that feature curiosity and nonjudgment.

Our Mission

Promote resilience and recovery at the community level through experiences that heighten individuals’ sense of their own worth and the worth of everyone around them. 

Our Vision

Communities where people embody mutual respect and help one another find their path to greater safety and fulfillment. 


Latest Message

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t you’re right.”
– Henry Ford

“If you think (and feel) that someone else can or can’t, you may also be right.”
 – Geoff Kane